About the Community Business Directory

This directory provides the Launceston Grammar community with a unique opportunity to showcase their products or services to the Launceston Grammar community members.

In establishing such a directory we allow our Launceston Grammar parents and students (both past and present) and staff to support each other and help make a difference to the small businesses many of our families own or are employed in. The school does not warrant or guarantee or otherwise have any liability for any negative experience, faulty products, faulty workmanship or the like that is supplied by any advertiser in this directory towards any of the advertiser’s customers.

Each customer of any advertiser included in the Launceston Grammar Business Directory must deal directly with the advertiser in relation to any complaint it has with the advertiser.

Advertising in the Launceston Grammar Business Directory

The Terms and Conditions for advertising in the Launceston Grammar Business Directory are outlined below.

Please read these and consider them carefully before booking your space in the Launceston Grammar Business Directory.

  1. The Launceston Grammar Business Directory will be presented in an electronic form using on-line technology.
  2. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and Launceston Grammar bears no responsibility for publishing information that is later proved to be incorrect but was supplied by you.
  3. Launceston Grammar has the absolute right to refuse to place advertising in the business directory if the School believes the advertising is for products or services that are:
    • inconsistent with Launceston Grammar’s values,
    • false or misleading,
    • contains anything of an offensive nature or
    • contains insufficient information to properly describe the business.
  4. All advertising is placed in the directory on the understanding that you or your business indemnifies Launceston Grammar against any claim from any of your customers for any reason and any indirect or consequential loss incurred in connection with the advertising for any reason.
  5. Submitting your advertising as the business or individual that is seeking to advertise in the directory, you are responsible to ensure that your advertising does not breach such things as copyright and trademark and is not in breach of any State or Commonwealth legislation, including but not limited to the Privacy Act and the Competition and Consumer Act.
  6. If your advertising includes the name or pictorial representation of any living person, Launceston Grammar assumes that by submitting the advertising that you have obtained the permission of that person for that use.
  7. You are also responsible for promptly checking your listing and notifying the School of any errors.
  8. The Launceston Grammar Business Directory is at this stage is a FREE directory however this may be reviewed at the end of 2016.